Little ginger cat stares down 'scary' potato, wondering if it's a friend or foe

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Thursday, October 22, 2020
'Unsure' kitten faces down potato
KITTEN VS. POTATO: Tiny ginger cat stares down "scary" potato while exploring its surroundings after being rescued.

CADIZ, Spain (KGO) -- When you're a tiny kitten the world may feel like a big place, but for one little furball in Spain an ordinary potato proved to be too much.

A new cat video shared on Twitter with the caption "kitten unsure of potato" shows the little ginger cat staring down the starchy vegetable, while its owner tries to comfort the young cat of the predicament.

"What is that? It's alright," said Elle. "It's just a single potato."

Elle tells Storyful, the cat is one of the "abandoned babies" she took in this year.

Apparently, the kitten came across the potato while exploring its surroundings.

"Is it scary? It's ok. You don't have to be scared of potato," said Elle in a comforting voice. But the kitten continues to meow as it tries to determine if the yellow potato is a friend or a foe.