ChatGPT creates special Father's Day pizza recipe for longtime Bay Area restaurant

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Friday, June 16, 2023
ChatGPT creates special pizza recipe for longtime Bay Area restaurant
Tony & Alba's Pizza & Pasta has served classic Italian recipes in the South Bay for decades. Now they're serving a pizza recipe generated by ChatGPT.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- For decades, Tony & Alba's Pizza & Pasta has served classic Italian recipes in the South Bay. Now they're serving a pizza recipe generated by ChatGPT.

Diana Vallorz's parents opened Tony & Alba's Pizza & Pasta in 1982 in Mountain View.

She now co-owns the restaurant with her husband Albert at the only location off of Stevens Creek in San Jose.

Albert Vallorz decided to have some fun and prompted the artificial intelligence chatbot, ChatGPT, to create a pizza.

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"So this month I said hey, do a father's day pizza about 10 seconds it whipped out a Father's Day Pizza for me," Vallorz said.

ChatGPT created a pizza loaded with different meats like pepperoni, bacon, sausage and then Father's Day classic: BBQ sauce.

Vallorz said it's been fun to see two worlds coming together- an old school pizza restaurant and new tech.

"Wow! This is pretty cool because- it probably just grabbed a couple of things out there in the web and just kind of put it together," Vallorz said.

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Vallorz said those in the 'younger generation' are ordering the AI pizza..

"Some of the older ones like I said come in there and they'll say- oh I want one of those AL pizzas or what's this AL pizza," Vallorz said.

Tech expert from SJSU Ahmed Banafa said once companies add the word 'AI' to anything, people will pay attention.

"I can use it in the pizza store, I can use it with companies like GM, I can use with it companies that's sending to the space. It is the catalyst for change and the catalyst for better products and better services," Banafa said.

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He emphasized how valuable AI will be to create personalized items for people. And this is just the beginning of the wave of companies that will use it.

"If we want to have a specialized design it costs a lot of money but now using an AI to make it personal to me. Using the machine, by the human so it's going to be personalized for the human - that is a breakthrough," Banafa said.

At Tony & Alba's Pizza & Pasta - they say Diana Vallorz represents the heart of the restaurant her parents started years ago. Something AI can't change.

"It won't come out to be the personalities that the owners have and the love of customers it just will never happen like that," Vallorz said.

The AI pizza will be available throughout the month of June.

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