SF mayor announces Brooke Jenkins new DA to replace Chesa Boudin

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Friday, July 8, 2022
Brooke Jenkins named SF's new DA
Mayor London Breed announces Brooke Jenkins as San Francisco's new district attorney following the recall of Chesa Boudin.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Mayor London Breed announces Brooke Jenkins as San Francisco's new district attorney following the recall of Chesa Boudin.

"As your next district attorney I will restore accountability and consequences to our criminal justice system here in San Francisco," said Jenkins.

The move comes after San Franciscans voted to recall Chesa Boudin amidst offenses like store robberies, hate crimes, and car break-ins taking center stage and becoming commonplace in the city.

VIDEO: SF's new DA Brooke Jenkins talks 1-on-1 with ABC7

San Francisco's new District Attorney Brooke Jenkins sat down with ABC7 to talk about how she plans to address the issues the city is facing.

"Violent and repeat offenders will no longer be allowed to victimize our city without consequence. Hate crimes will no longer be tolerated," said Jenkins.

Mayor Breed's press release says, "Jenkins, who is African American and Latina, is a prosecutor with experience in the San Francisco District Attorney's Office, including experience prosecuting Hate Crimes, homicide, and sexual assault."

Jenkins worked in the District Attorney's office for more than seven years before she and Boudin reportedly had a falling out over a case, and she left the office.

Jenkins spoke out in favor of the Boudin recall and appeared in TV ads ahead of the recall election, saying that Boudin created a culture where prosecutors were pressured to give lenient plea deals.

Boudin did away with cash bail, rarely used gang enhancements, and vowed to not charge minors as adults but Jenkins has not been specific on what she'll change.

"We don't want to become some traditional tough-on-crime environment where we only use incarceration as our only tool. For me it's finding that balance, when have we been given enough chances? When do we have to move to a different course of finding that balance so we can maintain our status as a compassionate city but also restore public safety," said Jenkins.

While speaking to ABC7 in May, Boudin warned against former prosecutors in his office calling for his recall.

He said it was their own political ambitions that were their real motives.

VIDEO: Former SF DA predicted Brooke Jenkins would replace him

Recalled San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin told ABC7 News Anchor Liz Kreutz in May that Mayor London Breed would appoint Brooke Jenkins if he was removed from office.

"If you want to be district attorney, and you don't want to run in an open, fair election for the job, then this is an opportunity to get your name out there and try to get a job you'll never win through a fair and square election," Boudin said.

In choosing Jenkins, Mayor Breed says she considered many factors and sought input from people all across the city.

"This process involved, you know, both attorneys who are a part of the district attorney's office, as well as people in all parts of San Francisco," Breed said.

Jenkins has said that while she believes in criminal justice reform, she is also a proponent of prosecution and accountability for people who are repeat offenders.

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In recent months, Mayor Breed has taken a tough-on-crime approach as voters have grown concerned with things like high-profile smash-and-grab robberies, car break-ins and vandalism.

But beyond those factors, Breed says she also wanted someone who could get re-elected when they face voters in the fall

"Definitely one of my considerations, and having a strong constituency of people who will help ensure that they are successful this November and next," she said.

ABC 7 News insider Phil Matier says the move by Mayor Breed makes sense.

"She was looking for someone who could continue as sort of a progressive area but not go to the extremes that she saw Chesa Boudin do," said Matier.

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