Snow graffiti artist 'tags' brick buildings in Chicago

ByNatalie Heller Localish logo
Monday, March 8, 2021
Snow graffiti artist 'tags' brick buildings in Chicago
When we see snow, he sees art. Eduardo Vea Keating is repurposing the white stuff to create cleverly constructed murals in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood.

CHICAGO -- When snow blankets the landscape during harsh winter months, Eduardo Vea Keating sees a silver lining.

"You have to see the bright side," said Keating, a creative director in advertising and resident of Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood. "It's a beautiful time of the year."

Keating has gained notoriety in recent years for unique murals created entirely from snow. Calling them "snow graffiti," his artwork on brick walls around the Windy City range from geometric patterns to short words and more recently, "totems."

"I think they're kind of my personal 'gods of snow,' praying for more snow to come down," he said.

The idea for snow graffiti came to Keating 11 years ago while living in his native country of Spain. After throwing a snowball at a wall and seeing it stick, he could picture its potential for use in street art.

"Since then I've been trying to do a couple of designs every season," Keating said.

The response to Keating's murals have been universally positive and curious police officers even 'wave' when they see it's just snow. Because spray paint cans are banned for sale in Chicago, Keating said this is a legal way to express himself on building walls.

"The goal is really selfish; just to have fun. And if by doing that I lead others to enjoy it, that's great," said Keating.

Keating signs his murals as "NosE" in honor of his father who was a ear, nose, and throat doctor in Spain. To see his work, find him on Instagram, @noselanariz