Activists start movement to end hate crimes, violence against Asian Americans

ByDion Lim and Eric Shackelford KGO logo
Tuesday, September 8, 2020
Activists discuss movement to stop racism against Asian community
Rapper China Mac and actor Will Lex Ham are the founders of #TheyCantBurnUsAll and they talked with ABC7 Anchor Dion Lim about the meaning behind the name and the goal of the movement.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Enough. That's the simple message behind the movement #TheyCantBurnUsAll.

Rapper China Mac and actor Will Lex Ham are the founders and they talked with ABC7 Anchor Dion Lim about the meaning behind it.

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The title of the movement is named after the heartbreaking story of 89-year-old woman who was attacked and then set on fire.

"Now is a time for us to unify and to unite and protect our communities together," Mac said. "There's strength in numbers and, when we fight, we need to fight together."

America has seen a rise in hate crimes toward Asian Americans in the wake of COVID-19 - more than 2,500 incidents across the country. That number is just the amount of hate crimes being reported.

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"We support what is right," Mac said. "Our message is for us to strengthen our own communities, but also to strengthen the bonds with other communities and that is just as important."

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This started with Mac and Ham, then gained steam on social media. "It felt powerful, it felt rewarding, it felt like this is what I'm here to do," Mac said. "No one's perfect," Ham added. "There needs to be room for forgiveness and for grace, not just talking about us but as a society overall. We need to find a common ground and move forward."

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Mac used to be in a gang and incarcerated but said it's not about qualifications. "It's about who is doing it from the heart and who is doing it, period."

The two held a rally and march in Los Angeles and plan on another rally and march starting at San Francisco City Hall on Saturday Sept. 12 at 1 p.m.

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