VIDEO: Real-life Grinch steals Christmas tree from Bay Area family's car

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Monday, December 4, 2023
Real-life Grinch steals Christmas tree from family's car in San Mateo
A man says he and his wife picked up a Christmas tree in San Mateo on Friday only for it to be stolen right off the roof of his car.

SAN MATEO, Calif. (KGO) -- A Bay Area couple became the target of a Christmas Grinch while running errands on the Peninsula.

A man named Jesus says he and his wife picked up a Christmas tree in San Mateo on Friday evening. You can see it tied down on the roof of their SUV.

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Security video shows a white SUV passing by and then backing up to park in the neighboring space next to Jesus' vehicle.

A moment later, you see the ropes around the tree suddenly release.

A second camera angle shows the driver of the white SUV cutting each rope one by one.

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The tree is loaded into the man's trunk and he drives away.

San Mateo Police says this is a "unique" case and they'll be keeping an eye out if similar crimes are committed closer to Christmas. They call the case "Grinchy because there are people with good hearts out there who are more than willing to help out those who can't afford a tree this time of year."

The tree Scrooge hasn't been identified but police say the Christmas tree lot provided Jesus with a new tree.

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