Students protest appointment of special CCSF trustee

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015
students hold protest signs
San Francisco City College students protested during the appointment of a new trustee to the school's board on Monday, Feb. 23.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- After years of uncertainly, City College of San Francisco is closer to overcoming the accreditation problems that threatened its closure.

Monday morning, CCSF's chancellor announced that the board of trustees will resume full control of the school by July.

He then introduced Doctor Guy Lease as the new special trustee who will oversee the transition.

San Francisco City College appointed a new trustee, Dr.Guy Lease to its board Monday, Feb. 23.

Lease tried to speak, but was shouted down by student protesters upset at cutbacks implemented at the school.

"You're not welcome here at all. We don't need a special trustee," said the students.

Staff members joined the students activists in shouting, "Go home!" to the special trustee.

Lease will turn over control of student services and academic programs in March.

"We've got major issues with accreditation and major issues with finance that I and the board of trustees simply have to make sure we are on the right path so that we don't run into this again," Lease said.

City College of San Francisco is now in compliance with 90 percent of the accreditation standards.