Brian J. Smith talks playing FBI agent 'Lennix' through the decades on 'Class of '09'

ByJennifer Matarese OTRC logo
Tuesday, June 6, 2023
Brian J. Smith talks about starring in FX's 'Class of 09'
Jennifer Matarese interviews Brian J. Smith about playing "Lennix" in FX's "Class of '09."

NEW YORK -- "Class of '09" follows four FBI agents throughout several decades of their careers, life, and love.

This suspense thriller limited series stars Brian Tyree Henry as "Tayo," Kate Mara as "Poet," Jake McDorman as "Murphy," and Brian J. Smith as "Lennix," among others.

"If I got to do a job where I got to play with those kinds of actors, it would be really cool," Smith said. "So it was a great package."

Smith says that being put through the FBI's fit test really helped the cast bond, even if it wasn't always comfortable for him.

"We had a week to maybe a week and a half of what they called boot camp. It isn't as extensive as the films about the military or the police might do but we worked with some FBI agents to kind of walk us through what it's like," he said. "You had to do a timed run and I'm not afraid to admit that at the end I threw up all over the place. It was really early in the morning to be fair." He added that he wanted to impress everyone too much and ended up getting sick.

As we see the past, present, and future woven together throughout the episodes, viewers will see things come to a breaking point where some tough decisions will have to be made.

"You see the group coming together to try to deal with the implications of this system," he said. "As we get later on in the show you see these same people trying to see if they have a responsibility to do something about the Frankenstein they were all kind of complicit in creating."

AI is policing thoughts in the future.

"AI was not such a hot topic, but it's really exploded in the last six or eight months, so it's very interesting to see the way things that we were talking about and figuring out in Atlanta become a topic of conversation," Smith said.

New episodes of FX's "Class of '09" are available for streaming Wednesdays on Hulu.