The Clorox Company offers employees security escorts amid rise in Oakland crime

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Wednesday, January 31, 2024
Clorox offers employees security escorts amid rise in Oakland crime
The Clorox Company is giving their Oakland employees the option of getting a security escort back to their car, BART, or a location within two blocks. Other companies are taking similar measures.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Another Oakland company is upping security in light of recent violence.

Sources tell ABC7 News The Clorox Company is giving their employees the option of getting a security escort back to their car, BART, or a location within two blocks.

A security guard at The Clorox Company building in Oakland could be seen walking with an employee to her vehicle on Tuesday night.

"Well honestly I think that's a good thing given the fact that Oakland after dark it's a crazy place," said Victor Quintanilia who works nearby in Oakland.

"I guess you'd say appreciation at least, they're thinking of the community and their members," said Jaime Solis who lives nearby.

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People ABC7 News spoke with who work in the area say companies offering security escorts to keep employees safe is good news to them. Blue Shield of California confirms they have taken similar measures at their nearby location in Oakland.

"You walk out at night and I've seen a whole block getting bipped like one single person going car to car to car," said Quintanilia.

In fact, a short time after ABC7 spoke with Victor, our crew saw just that, a bipped car. We witnessed someone bust out a car window and take items that were hidden in the trunk. They then drove off in a white getaway car.

Some who live nearby say you just have to be aware of your surroundings.

"You just try to be on your toes the best you can if that makes any sense," said Solis.

Downtown workers though say they are frustrated with the current crime situation in Oakland.

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Sources tell ABC7 News there were safety concerns that led to The Clorox Company making the decision to provide security escorts.

"I know it's been this thing like forever, defund the police, but when there is conditions like this I think safety is the number one priority right," said Quintanilia.

In addition to security walking employees to their vehicle, numerous guards were also seen Tuesday outside The Clorox Company building as well.

Clorox sent the following statement to ABC7 News:

"The safety and security of our teammates is our highest priority and we have taken steps to help protect them and our visitors at our Oakland headquarters. Clorox has hired additional uniformed security guards to safely escort our teammates to and from BART, parking garages, local restaurants and coffee shops, and other destinations around the area; we have conducted safety awareness trainings in partnership with BART police; and we regularly share safety messages and practices. Oakland has been our global headquarters for more than 110 years, and we are committed to making the city better and safer for everyone. We're actively working with local business leaders to identify ways we can collaborate to make Oakland safer for our collective workforce and the entire community."

Blue Shield of California issued this statement in light of their increased safety measures:

"Blue Shield of California recognizes the public safety challenges in the City of Oakland, and we are committed to fully supporting our employees' safety. We are providing various options for when they come into the office, including ridesharing services, paid parking and private security. We remain hopeful and we are counting on city, county and state leaders coming together with the community to improve safety and revitalize our city."

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