Clown reportedly trying to lure kids into woods

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Monday, August 29, 2016
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A neighborhood is on edge after a clown has been spotted trying to lure children into the woods.

GREENVILLE, SC -- A neighborhood is on edge after a clown has been spotted trying to lure children into the woods.

Fleetwood Manor Apartments has even sent out a letter warning parents of the danger. The letter reminds the public that children should never be alone or walking through the woods at night.

The property management in the letter indicates law enforcement is conducting daily patrols of the property due to the reports.

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Donna Arnold, one of the people residing at the complex who received the letter, said she called the Greenville County Sheriff's Office to come out to Fleetwood Manor after her son and others reported seeing clowns behind the basketball court.

"I thought my child was seeing things," Arnold said. "And then the next day I had about 30 kids come up to me and say, 'Did you see the clown in the woods?"

WHNSreports that community activist Bruce Wilson said he is getting involved at the apartments to make sure children are safe, even if the sightings turn out to be harmless.

"We have about two to three hundred children out here," Wilson said. "I want to make sure that law enforcement is doing the right thing."

Below is the full text of the letter:

To The Residents of Fleetwood Manor

There has been several conversations and a lot of complaints to the office regarding a clown or a person dressed in clown clothing taking children or trying to lure children in the woods. First and foremost at Fleetwood Manor Apartments children's safety is a top priority. At no time should a child be alone at night, or walking in the roads or wooded areas at night. Also if a person or persons are seen you are to immediately call the police. Greenville County Police Department is aware of the situation and have been riding the property daily. Remember there is a 10pm curfew for the property so to ensure your children's safety please keep them in the house during night hours and make sure at ALL times children are supervised. Anymore information that becomes regarding this issue will be sent out to all residents.

Thank you,

Property Manager