Police investigate clown threats made to Bay Area schools

FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KGO) -- Add Antioch to the list of schools receiving creepy clown threats. No violence has happened, but there have been threats on social media that officials are taking seriously.

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There have been threats of clown violence to schools in Oakland, Antioch and Fairfield.

This is happening across the nation. Twenty-two states have reported threats of clown violence.

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Police say they think they are hoaxes, including in Oakland and in Fairfield, but seeing the schools' names listed and violence promised is enough to put many students on edge.

"Especially since they are coming to Fairfield High, saying that they are either going to kill or kidnap people specifically, actually terrifies me. Cause I have friends," Javonna Smith said.

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"I'm just freaking out because I'm going all over Instagram and all I see is clowns, clowns, clowns. How does something like this go worldwide" Teric Cruz said.

School officials in Antioch and Oakland sent word out to parents about these clown threats and asked that everyone be more vigilant.

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In Antioch, they are also emphasizing that students are not allowed to participate in cyber bullying and should not spread threatening rumors.

If they do they can be suspended or expelled.
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