'Horses saved us': Compton Cowboys introduce life-changing equestrian experience for kids

ByJessica Dominguez Localish logo
Sunday, November 7, 2021
Compton Cowboys introduce equestrian culture to neighborhood kids
A backyard ranch with horses creates a new way of life for neighborhood children.The Compton Cowboys use a backyard ranch with horses to create life-changing experiences for local kids.

COMPTON, Calif. -- "Our town is a horse town. This is Richland farms. This is where Compton was started," said Randy Savvy, co-founder of Compton Cowboys.

Established in 1997, Compton Cowboys are a group of friends and family who grew up in Compton, California, on their family ranch. The equestrian culture positively influenced their lives and set them on a safe path away from street violence and negative surroundings.

The group kept busy and focused on the "ranch life," which was full of life and good life lessons.

"So important, powerful, and impactful," said Savvy.

One of their goals is to popularize the Black cowboy and inspire children to learn about horses, gardens and how to care for animals.

"The horse is the magnet. You know, it's the magic that these kids want to go and see," said Savvy.

"It's just amazing to see them grow and get older and see them improve," said Jacob Heard, a Compton Junior Equestrian with Compton Cowboys nonprofit. "I'm currently going to college for economics, and everybody here has been positive and has been helping me out to be a better person overall."

"A lot of Black people, Black girls, don't really have chances like these," said Chloe Corley, a Compton Junior Equestrian. "I feel like I was given the chance to do something great."

Compton Cowboys believe caring for horses and learning to ride them is therapeutic for the neighborhood children. They know this first-hand because they grew up spending most of their time in the backyard ranch instead of the front yard where Savvy says is often where negative things have occurred throughout their lives.

"Our movement now is paying it forward, dedicating our life to them and the next generation, how we save lives with them," said Savvy. "Continue to create an opportunity where horses can continue to save lives."