EXCLUSIVE: Video shows parent charging court, taking down boy at East Bay youth basketball game

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Tuesday, November 21, 2023
EXCLUSIVE: Video shows woman attacking boy at East Bay basketball game
Video shows a parent charging the court and attacking a young basketball player and his father at a youth game in Concord.

CONCORD, Calif. (KGO) -- Cellphone video recorded at a youth basketball game over the weekend in Concord shows what appears to be one parent punching another. The video first shows a scuffle among two 9 and 10-year-olds, then seconds later a parent charging the court, even appearing to throw a punch at one point.

In the video, you can see the parent from the Concord make physical contact with a player in the orange from the Pittsburg team.

"A lady in a red outfit came and attacked that player in an orange uniform - hit him. Grabbed him by his collar or neck and rag-dolled him around and threw him on the ground with her. When she got up, she then assaulted the father and hit him in the chest," said Tony Alvarado whose nephew was playing in the game.

Alvarado's nephew plays for the Pittsburgh squad and represents Good Shepherd Catholic School in the orange jerseys. Kids in the white jerseys were from St. Francis of Assisi School. The game took place at a nearby charter school in Concord on Sunday. Alvarado and many others are outraged that the woman was only escorted out of the building.

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"None of us expected her not to be arrested, she was not arrested, she was walked out of the building with the police officers and escorted to her car," said Corina Quintero who was there watching the game.

"Me and Carina were there. Clear as day, she literally came hit them, swung them around like a rag doll - she got up and struck his dad," said Alvarado.

Monday, Concord police told us that video evidence showed that the elements of a crime were not present. Now though, they say that is a decision being looked at.

The parent who recorded the video chose not so show her face but described what happed as very sad to see.

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"She needs to be, you know, charged for the things she did because it's absolutely not right, you don't do that to a nine or 10-year-old, you know. It's just not right," she said.

Concord police say the woman in question was trying to separate the child and was knocked to the ground in the process. Video though shows the boy in the orange jersey actually walking away from the one he was in disagreement with.

"It was a sad sight, I definitely got emotional on my own because I was like, holy crap - I mean I'm very protective our children and it's like what are we? How can this woman walk away without any consequences it seems like?" asked Alvarado.

Officers do urge anyone with additional video of this incident to reach out to them.

We did reach out to the principal at St. Francis of Assisi and she tells us she was made aware of the situation Monday and has no comment. She says the CYO league is not a school-related function or activity. It is a church league run by the Diocese of Oakland. We're told by those involved that action will likely be taken against the parent possibly as early as Tuesday.

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