UC Davis doctors successfully separate conjoined twins in 24-hour surgery

SACRAMENTO (KGO) -- Doctors at UC Davis Children's Hospital successfully separated a rare set of conjoined twins during surgery last week that lasted 24 hours.

Ten-month-old conjoined twins Abigail and Micaela were born fused at the head from a condition that occurs in one out of every 2.5 million births.

A team of 30 people performed the surgery in a specially designed operating room.

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"Abigail and Micaela are doing well and recovering in our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, thanks to an amazing team effort dedicated to ensuring these very rare twins have the best shot at a healthy life ahead," pediatric neurosurgeon Michael Edwards said in a statement. "We are honored to have helped with their birth, cared for them since, and to now give them the chance to live independent and separate lives."

Surgeons spent months preparing for the landmark procedure.

The twins' parents were confident the surgery would be successful.

The twins will remain at the pediatric ICU for the coming weeks to recuperate from the surgery.
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