Faster, cheaper internet spurs consumers to cut cable, stream instead

Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Faster, cheaper internet spurs consumers to cut cable
As the price of robust internet service drops, becoming a "cord cutter" seems even more economical.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- If you haven't cut the cable yet, now may be the time.

On his Facebook page, 7 On Your Side's Michael Finney asked if anyone had cut the cable and is they were happy with their decision. The response was fast and furious... and nearly all who had made the switch were happy with it.

"Saving 160 bucks a month!" reported one.

"Hulu is where I watch live TV," commented another.

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Some who hadn't switched were concerned would it cost more if they "have to pay for Wi-Fi."

That sounds familiar to Heidi Flato. She has a summer home on the Russian River and cut the cable.

"I think we're paying $69 just for robust broadband service," she said, "because I do work from there sometimes and it is in the woods."

Flato really understands this stuff because she works for Verizon, which is now offering broadband service at prices once just dreamed of.

"Well, here's the good news," Flato says, "for anyone on one of our Verizon and wireless premium services. You can get the home internet service for just $25 a month, and that's all in."

Other services are also offering deals, too, but how do you find them?

The California Interactive Broadband Map -- the state offers this interactive map so you can find every single company offering broadband at your home.

Rob Osborn is with the California Public Utilities Commission. "We collect data from over 130 providers every year, and we map it, but before we map it we validate it to the best of our abilities, using the data sets that we gather including from the providers themselves," he said.

To demonstrate, Michael Finney put in the address of the ABC7 station and checked out broadband services and speeds available there. It was easy and fast. You can do the same at your address using the map here.

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