People being tested for coronavirus in Alameda County, public health officer says results still pending

ALAMEDA COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- The Alameda County Public Health Department has confirmed that patients from the county who have recently traveled to Wuhan, China have been tested for the coronavirus.

"We feel there's very low risk to people in the Bay Area, we are on heightened awareness of people who have traveled to Wuhan, China who has had any kind of fever, respiratory symptoms meaning fever, cough or difficulty breathing," said Dr. Erica Pan, health officers for Alameda County.

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Reports have been circulating online that 10 people in Alameda County were being tested for the deadly virus but Pan said that number needs clarification.

"When we say we're investigating less than 10 people, that's moving all the time because sometimes we get a report, we investigate and decide that's not even somebody we're concerned about," she said.

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Pan did confirm that patients from Alameda County who have traveled to Wuhan with flu symptoms have tests pending. Those tests can only be done at the Centers for Disease Control lab in Atlanta. Tests typically take one or two days. Pan would not give more details on the number of test results they're waiting for.

"When we say there are people under investigation, that's a huge spectrum that's changing all the time," Pan added, "We are looking at no confirmed cases in the Bay Area and we are screening and receiving and we have increased staffing. Because we are doing all this aggressive testing, if and when we detect our first case, we will be, and what our job to do in public health is to make sure that person is isolated"

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