Coronavirus impact: San Jose's 'Mini Cat Town' instituting new safety procedures for July reopening

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Adopting a pet requires a personal touch where a bond is formed between human and animal, but the coronavirus pandemic has taken that away.

One San Jose cat rescue has been navigating this reality and changing how they operate, but they have found success adopting out their animals.

We introduced you to the Bui sisters in San Jose, who were Building a Better Bay Area through their kitten rescue called Mini Cat Town, last year.

In March, San Jose non-profit Mini Cat Town was preparing to complete their first year in Eastridge Center at the start of kitten season.

Then the coronavirus pandemic hit and the sisters closed their business temporarily.

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"On March 17, we had to evacuate all of our kittens," Mini Cat Town co-founder Thoa Bui said.

Despite an argument that the business was actually essential, the mall closed and their operation was forced to move back to their house, where their business was born from, along with their 90 kittens.

COVID-19 presented them with many challenges such as finding foster homes for the dozens of kittens, a less frequent spay and neuter schedule and, most importantly, the removal of that quality time between people and the kittens that the lounge once gave them.

"Not everyone is comfortable with contactless adoptions, which means you don't get to meet or interact with your kitten. You just have to pick your kitten and trust that what I'm telling you about this kitten is correct. So far, nobody has complained."

In fact, all 90 kittens that the organization had have been adopted out heading into the anticipated reopening.

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When that day comes, things will look different

Masks will be required, Social distancing enforced and even limited visitors to only ten per half hour.

Other rules include: disposable shoe covers instead of reusable shoe covers. All guests will have their temperature checked at the door, and they'll need to sanitize their hands in and out. Volunteers will also help with sanitizing the space to keep everyone safe.

But the Bui sisters can't wait to get back to work for the community that helped them make it through the recent struggles.

"We have a cone system set-up to keep everyone at a social distance. We're excited to have everyone come back and enjoy the space. People have been really supportive and donating. Even during these hard times, their bills were completely covered. The community has really enabled us to be able to do this work with their generosity."

Mini Cat Town will reopen at Eastridge Center on July 1.

For more information on Mini Cat Town, you can follow their journey on Instagram or visit their website by clicking here.

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