Coronavirus Safety: Bay Area cities issue citations for violating social distancing rule

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- At least two major Bay Area cities have issued citations to individuals violating public health orders in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Two citations have been handed out in San Francisco and two in San Jose. None have been handed out in Oakland.

San Francisco Police Chief William Scott said in a press conference Monday, "This is a matter of life and death so we're asking that the public please comply with these public health orders."

Chief Scott says he's had conversations with the San Francisco District Attorney about the possibility of the DA's office filing charges stemming from the citations issued.

"I will say that he's been extremely supportive we've talked specifically about the need, if the need arises he is supportive," said Chief Scott.

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Chief Scott said he didn't have the cases to discuss the merits of either, but that eventually the two cases would make their way to prosecutors.

"And we'll see what happens," he continued.

This weekend's rain may have helped with social distancing compliance, but Chief Scott says certain parts of the city like the Tenderloin have remained a challenge.

In San Francisco, he says there have been 26 total warnings; 22 for individuals not social distancing and 4 for nonessential businesses.

"Those that have been warned will be cited if we have to go back and warn them again or deal with that situation again," said Chief Scott.

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As for the prospect of a city wide curfew:

"That is not on the table at this time," said Chief Scott.

Chief Scott says SFPD has stepped up their patrols especially in areas where officers are trying to educate the public on social distancing.

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