Resolve Roundup: Canceled concerts, refused appliance deliveries, and EDD Bank of America card confusion

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- 7 On Your Side has been working on many great coronavirus issues. Although we are focusing on the money issues of stimulus checks and unemployment payments through the EDD, there is much more. Here is a sampling.

Monika Weiler out of Walnut Creek bought tickets in November for a May Michael Buble concert at Chase center.

The pandemic caused the concert to be postponed. Weiler wanted her money back and reached out to Ticketmaster.

"I tried to contact them by telephone and email," she told me, "there was never a response."

So she emailed 7 On Your Side and we went to work.

"I had a credit for the full amount, including the processing fees, on my credit card," she says. "Two weeks and I had money back, it could not have been any better."

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Next, a San Francisco woman named Ellen had a stove issues. Sears agreed to a replacement, but Ellen and her mother had a problem getting it delivered.

She reached out to me and she had a stove delivered in the middle of a pandemic.

Rod in the North Bay needed help accessing an EDD unemployment debit card. We sorted through the problem with Bank of America and now Rod has access to his cash. B of A really took care of the problem.

United Airlines was the topic of our next consumer issue. Andy Vanderschoot lives in Napa and planned a family trip to London, which was cancelled by the pandemic. United offered Andy vouchers for the cancelled flight, but he wanted his money back.

Andy contacted us and we contacted United.

I asked him, "And then you heard back?"

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"Immediately," he says, "We clearly had their attention. It was a very pleasant woman on the other end of the phone."

There was no refund given right then, but this is a dynamic environment and Andy heard back two days ago.

"Wednesday I got a phone call from United Airlines saying they had reviewed my case and they would be willing to refund all of my money," he says.

How much? $5,384.

Great customer service, United, thanks.

7 On Your Side receives 2,000 requests for help each week. If you have a coronavirus consumer issue, contact 7 On Your Side -- and make it 2,001.

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