Doctors and nurses on the frontlines thanked with VIP treatment

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Friday, May 1, 2020
Treating doctors and nurses like VIPS
This big-hearted group is showing their appreciation for hospital staff.

LOS ANGELES -- The Collaborative Care Group is surprising doctors and nurses with a VIP hospital lounge.

The "Care Cabanas" were designed for one purpose - to give medical teams a convenient and comfortable space for taking a break.

"They're getting a little special, step away little place to go," said Tanya Garrett, founder of Collaborative Care Group.

"They can just really relax and just take a breather, reset, recharge. Go back out there and keep being in the front lines for us," said Mena Wright, an operating partner with Collaborative Care Group.

"This is something that I believe can help," said president of Lounge Appeal Clint Griggs. "This was the way that I can give back," Griggs added.

Medical lounges are offered in Los Angeles and Orange County, and plans are already in works to expand nationwide.

"The reception we've gotten from the doctors and nurses, it's just, it's overwhelming, it feels really good," Garrett said.

To help give thanks, the group is looking for new partnerships and brand sponsors. For collaboration opportunities, just head to their website at