East Bay students hopeful after receiving COVID-19 shot at back-to-school vaccine clinic

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Monday, July 26, 2021
East Bay school district holds back-to-school vaccine clinic
The West Contra Costa County School District held a back to school vaccine clinic, that included the COVID-19 vaccine, Monday at Richmond High School.

RICHMOND, Calif. (KGO) -- The West Contra Costa County School District held a back to school vaccine clinic Monday at Richmond High School. The clinic offered the required vaccines for California students and the COVID vaccine, which is not required.

"This started last year during the pandemic. We noticed we had about 1200 students that were missing the required school vaccine- the chicken pox, measles, mumps, etc. And we knew that if school had started we would have about 1200 kids that wouldn't be able to come back right away, because they were missing them," said Bobby Jordan, the communications director for the district.

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"It was right when the COVID peak started. It was hard to get appointments, at least anecdotally that's what we heard. Clinics had reduced hours, it was hard to get vaccine," Jordan explained.

The district decided to help and partnered with Safeway to create a clinic for students. It was such a success they decided to do it again this year to get ready for the school year.

"We have about 290 students who still need the required school vaccines. So we partnered with Safeway to host this event. And now that students 12 and up are eligible for the COVID vaccine, we paired the two together to remove any kind of barriers to coming back to school," Jordan said.

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The COVID vaccine is not required for students to return to school. Health care workers at the clinic said they had about 30-40 appointments for students to get the COVID vaccine Monday.

Rising Sophomore Wilajah King was one of them.

"I am excited to get the COVID vaccine. There is the coronavirus out there. I don't want it. I am kind of scared because I don't like needles, but I will get it over with," King said.

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Neseru Rodriguez was also feeling good about getting the COVID vaccine.

"There are still people who haven't gotten the COVID vaccine and still infect other people. So I think it is best to get the COVID vaccine to stop this pandemic and maybe next year the deaths could be lower. It's really relieving that they give you these chances and it makes a lot of hope for next year," Rodriguez said.

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