Super Bowl 2020: Shakira explains importance of halftime show with JLo at 'very American' event

MIAMI (KGO) -- The Super Bowl 2020 Halftime Show stars global music icons Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. The two have very different styles, but are simliar when it comes to the message they hope to share on stage.

"Latinos are going through a difficult time in the U.S. right now, and I think it's important for us to convey a messsage of unity," Shakira said.

She talked about how the Latin community is such a "relevant force," but sometimes gets overlooked.

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Sunday, which also happens to be the singer's birthday, she says is the perfect chance to remind the country "how much we have to offer."

The Super Bowl is "as American as it gets," she said.

So this year's halftime performance will celebrate the "heritage of this country, which is one of diversity."

Born in Barranquilla, Colombia, she says as a little girl no one would ever believe she'd end up performing at a Super Bowl.

Jennifer Lopez, who grew up in the Bronx, echoed the same sentiments.

"Two Latinas doing this at this time in this country, it's just very empowering for us," she said.

JLo added how big this performace is not just big for the Latino community, but for all women.

"The Chiefs and the 49ers are run by women. And then you got two women headlining the halftime show... When I think of my daughter, when I think of all the little girls in the world, to be able to have that, to see that..."

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira agreed, it's the perfect stage for the message, and it couldn't be in a more approprate city than Miami, Florida.

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