Bulging refrigerator won't fit into customized newly remodeled kitchen

DANVILLE, CALIF. (KGO) -- You've likely heard of love handles- that extra weight we sometimes develop on our waistline. But did you know refrigerators can develop love handles too?

Who knew? Most of us likely didn't and neither did a family from Danville.

Jeff Murray enjoys his new kitchen. He customized the cabinetry to incorporate a compartment just big enough to slide in his refrigerator.

The only problem the regigerator he intended to put there is in his garage now-- but why?

"After the build, the builder and myself tried to slide the frig in and I could only get it maybe a third of the way back," Jeff said.

The two soon realized the middle sides of the refrigerator were wider than the specs indicated by the manufacturer Samsung.

One photo he took shows a straight edge against the side of the refrigerator. You can see gaps between the ruler and the refrigerator.

"If the refrigerator was truly flush, there would be no gaps between the ruler and the refrigerator," he said.

Jeff says Home Depot told him this situation was not covered under warranty. Jeff also says Samsung said there was nothing they could do either.

"So at that point I just said, you know what, I remembered because I watch the Channel 7 news app, and I watch you every morning on the news, and I remembered Michael Finney."

He contacted 7 On Your Side and we contacted Samsung.

Samsung agreed to refund the entire purchase amount of the refrigerator to Jeff.

The company told us, "We aspire to have the best-in-class service for all Samsung customers and will carefully review Mr. Murray's experience in an effort to constantly improve our processes."

"Michael, thank you. You are the man. I appreciate it. Anybody out there who needs help, this guy can help you."

Jeff says it's not clear at this time whether the bulge occurred over time or was there from the beginning. Now that he has his refund, Jeff plans to return the refrigerator to Samsung.

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