Dancing Atlanta doctor who made music videos during surgeries faces multiple lawsuits

Saturday, May 26, 2018

ATLANTA -- An Atlanta-based plastic surgeon is facing multiple malpractice lawsuits for negligence after she was caught on camera dancing and singing while performing surgery.

One of the lawsuits comes from a family who claims the doctor left their mother brain damaged, CNN said.

In one video, dermatologist Dr. Windell Boutte sings and dances for the camera as she cuts into a patient. More than 20 of these videos have been posted to Boutte's YouTube channel for promotional purposes.

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Attorney Susan Witt says one of her clients suffered permanent brain damage because of Dr. Boutte's negligence, which eventually had her staff calling 911.

Right now, Dr. Boutte is still allowed to perform operations.

The chairman of the Georgia medical board says they are aware of the lawsuits and do not want to rush to judgement.