Dirty Girl Donuts in Sonoma makes mouthwatering works of art from donuts

ByChris Bollini Localish logo
Tuesday, May 25, 2021
These donuts are mouthwatering works of art
A California donut shop is taking the tasty treat to a whole new level by making mouthwatering works of art.Dirty Girl Donuts in Sonoma, California serves up delicious art in the form of fluffy donuts.

SONOMA, Calif. -- According to Christopher Landercasper, when it comes to choosing a morning treat, donuts rise above the rest.

Landercasper is a regular customer at Dirty Girl Donuts in Sonoma, California.

"When people are feeling a little tired on a Friday morning and you can have a box of delicious donuts, it's really a great thing to do," Landercasper shares.

Founder and owner Marisa Wondolleck spent four years developing the perfect recipe for unbelievably tasty donuts, but she also designs each one to be a mouthwatering work of art.

"What's going to pull you in first? Something you see. Something beautiful," Wondolleck explains.

Her display case is packed with fluffy donuts decorated with vibrant colors and tantalizing toppings.

"I really wanted to create a product that you walk in and you say, 'Wow! That's not something I've seen before. I need to try that now.'" Wondolleck reveals.

Wondolleck attended culinary school right out of high school. After working with wedding cakes and pastries, she turned her attention to donuts and fully embraced her culinary creativity.

"I love playing with nostalgia when it comes to food so anything that I can bring that feeling back...'Oh my gosh! This is exactly what I remember from my childhood,'" Wondolleck says. "That's what we did."

Although maple bacon, chocolate sprinkle, and vanilla bean are best sellers, Wondolleck is constantly dreaming up new flavors like orange creamsicle and strawberry shortcake.

"I wanted to do something so different that you wanted to see every month the different things that we were doing," Wondolleck recalls. Although Wondollecks donuts usually sell out within hours of opening, she enjoys an even sweeter reward.

"I've watched women sit in the parking lot, dancing after eating donuts and it's the best feeling in the world," Wondolleck says with a smile.

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