PHOTOS: Dog runs for first time thanks to 3-D-printed legs

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Friday, December 19, 2014

A disabled dog named Derby was able to run for the first time ever thanks to front legs made by a 3-D printer.

According to the company 3D Systems, Derby was born with a disease that made his front legs more like flippers than feet. As one might imagine, this made it difficult for the pup to get around.

Tara Anderson, the woman who fostered Derby, first worked with a rescue center called Peace & Paws to outfit him with a wheel cart. But they knew he needed something better.

That's where the 3-D printed prosthetics come in.

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In an interview with 3D Systems, Anderson said, "They were an immediate success. As soon we fitted them on Derby, he took off running. It was incredible. I can't describe how gratifying it was to see him finally get to move like he'd always wanted to."

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