Here's what it's like to teach children to read over Zoom during COVID-19

Bay Area teacher gives inside look into the advantages and disadvantages of teaching children over zoom.
SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Learning to read looks a lot different than it used to due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Union School District teacher Susan Lavelle has been teaching first graders to read over Zoom this summer.

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Susan first gives a book introduction, then highlights some tricky words and talks about why she chose the book. She says it's similar to how she would teach reading in a classroom. She's able to mute some children so she can listen to just one, or unmute everyone so all the kids can read together.

Susan, who also provides literacy training districtwide, explains, "Nobody decided to go into teaching to do it from their living room. The hardest thing for all teachers is to be away from their students. The ability to connect through a screen is something wonderful and something powerful that our teachers are working hard to utilize."

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Summer classes have been great practice for teachers for the upcoming school year and parents can help young readers at home by reading aloud as a family.

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