Fires erupt, vandalism reported at anti-Trump protest in Oakland

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Thursday, November 10, 2016
Fires, vandalism erupt at anti-Trump protest in Oakland
Bonfires, fireworks, tear gas, and marching in the street -- thousands turned out in Oakland to protest President-elect Trump.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Bonfires, fireworks, tear gas, and marching in the street -- thousands turned out in Oakland to protest President-elect Trump.

Seven thousand were demonstrating, some set fires, a police car was vandalized and one officer was injured.

Anti-trump protesters first gathered at Frank Ogawa Plaza Wednesday night and the crowd grew to some 7,000. They took over Webster Street in Downtown Oakland and marched. All was peaceful.

Police surrounded them and the march splintered into smaller groups at Washington and 8th street. Suddenly, a Trump piñata was up in flames and flash bangs were going off in the streets.

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Several buildings were vandalized and there were reports of looting and building fires throughout Wednesday night. Police have made arrests.

The protest started with people who are sincerely concerned about the views and actions of president elect Donald Trump.

People chanted, "Go away Donald Trump," as they marched down Oakland streets in response to the results of the presidential election.

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"To me it's like I kind of lost faith in America," said one protester.

"When we don't have equity and we don't have justice we will resist,"

Jumoke Hinton Hodge said as a newly elected Oakland school board member she's concerned about students.

"Many of our teachers had to be with students who are scared to death of what may happen, Latino children, Muslim Arabic children," Hodge said.

Vandalism has been reported in Oakland this evening as some 7,000 protesters demonstrate against the election of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States for the second consecutive night in the Bay Area.

Others worry about the message sent to their daughters.

"Two girls going to sleep thinking they were waking up to the first woman president and woke up to a nightmare instead. We had to show them that there was still hope today. That there are people believe that they're the future and that we have hope," said Eleza and Hil Jaeger.

The Oakland Police Department estimated some 6,000 marched, most peacefully until people started spray painting, smashing windows, and starting fires. One officer was injured.

"This whole election had me jittery, I mean just the whole thing, just watching it unfold, how can he get this far?," said Bernard Massey of Oakland.

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