Bay Area top concerts go for top dollar, but bargains can be found

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- As the weather heats up, so does the summer concert season. Here's what we in the Bay Area can expect to pay for some of the most popular acts.

New figures released by StubHub lists Taylor Swift as the number 1 concert performer nationwide this season.

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Bay Area fans bought up $14 million in tickets and souvenirs at her two shows at Levy Stadium last month.

But there's plenty of big acts for concert-goers this summer still to come.

At Wild 94.9, Ed Sheeran sits high on the playlist.

StubHub named Sheeran's upcoming August performance at AT&T the most anticipated in the Bay Area this summer.

That matches the sales and streaming data compiled by iHeart Radio.

"People who love hip hop love Ed Sheeran. People who like country like Ed Sheeran," said Mark Adams, a program director at iHeartMedia. "He's obviously a big core pop artist. Young kids like him. Moms like him. Families like him."

The concert is sold out.

StubHub tells us the average ticket on the secondary market for Sheeran is going for $203.

"Ed Sheeran is only playing one show in the Bay Area and that's at AT&T (Park). So it's an extremely hot ticket in August," said Cameron Papp of StubHub.

The latest figures available show the average concert ticket nationwide in 2017 sold for $84.63 cents. That's from the marketing and consumer data company Statista.

StubHub suggests buying your tickets right after they go on sale to save money.

"If you're just looking to get into the stadium as cheap as possible, sometimes it can pay to wait," said Papp.

The cheapest ticket for Ed Sheeran is $95.

If you want to hear Harry Styles sing "Sign of the Times" in person, ticket prices on the secondary market range from $22 to $128.

Other Bay Area top five shows include Chris Stapleton, whose closest show is in Lake Tahoe. Ticket prices range from $170 to $184.

Kenny Chesney will set you back anywhere from $128 to $203.

The price to get into see Paul Simon, who played last week, ranged from $67 to $194.

It used to be music artists made most of their money selling records. With sales declining, the acts rely on their concert tour to generate the big bucks. That means more shows and more tickets available. StubHub says some good bargains are available for those acts not in the top 10.

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