Bay Area woman creates way to access celebrity stylists from your computer

If you're feeling inspired by the fashion from the Oscars, one Menlo Park/South Bay woman has created a way to give you access to celebrity stylists and make-up artists right from your phone or computer. It's called StyldLife.

"I enjoy style but I am not very good at it," says South Bay resident Heather Hopkins. She was set to make a speech at an upcoming work event and was more concerned about what she would wear than what she would say.

"I was feeling quite nervous about being up on stage and having everyone looking at me," Hopkins says.

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From the comfort of her home, Heather booked a one-on-one session with a stylist from StyldLife, a fashion and beauty platform connecting everyday people to celebrity and industry-leading stylists and makeup artists, virtually.

"I kind of showed her what I had in my closet and then she said, 'Okay yes use that," Hopkins recalls. "Now when you go to the store, look for some shoes that have a certain bling to them at the end pick out a white shirt that has something dramatic about it."

The result? Heather looked good and felt good.

"It was great," Hopkins says. "I really, I'd never done anything like that before and I just felt much more confident being me up on the stage."

Julie Floyd founded StyldLife, after her own struggles to find personalized styling services.

"I was growing out my natural hair and I couldn't find anybody locally to help me with that process," Floyd says. "I wanted someone you know who could look at me and my skin tone my face shape my hair type my body shape. And really help me with who I am."

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A former bond trader turned stay-at-home mom and now entrepreneur, Floyd says StyldLife can give clients that personalized experience, because of its wide range of diverse stylists and artists, many of whom spend their time crafting red carpet looks.

"They are very busy during awards season but like most people, they work throughout the year and you know if it's not awards season they are looking for anyone else that might be looking for jobs," Floyd says.

It's perfect timing, as we emerge from the pandemic and the fashion choices that came along with it.

"The recommendation are stylists have are do start at home," Floyd says. "You know do dust off what you already have. And if something you haven't worn for a year you haven't been out you're not excited to wear it then maybe it's time to put that aside."

Crafting your celebrity style with celebrity artists, all from the comfort of home.

You can find out more about StyldLife at Enter code ABC15 for 15 percent off!
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