SFFD says fire on multiple floors of high rise building is out, 7 treated for smoke inhalation, anxiety

ByLilian Kim and Kate Larsen KGO logo
Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Fire burns multiple floors of San Francisco high-rise
The fire sent flames shooting from the high-rise and left 30 units uninhabitable.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A fire that broke out on the 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th floors of the Gateway Apartments in the Financial District displaced residents from dozens of units Monday evening. Seven people were treated for smoke inhalation and anxiety.

The fire broke out in the south tower of the complex. Flames tore through five floors of the 25-story building, floors 12-16.

It's unclear what started the fire, but it spread fast, sending black smoke over San Francisco's Financial District. Firefighters took the stairs and raced up to the middle section of the Gateway high-rise with their equipment, then battled the flames floor by floor. Building residents who were outside when the fire started watched in horror.

A fire damaged at least five floors of an apartment building in San Francisco's Financial District Monday evening.

"It was on the opposite side of where my apartment was but I thought it would spread into the entire building," said Arnold Benson, a Gateway tenant since 2011.

Tenants on the floors above the fire sheltered in place, while the lower floors were evacuated. The danger went beyond the building as well. Debris scattered below and firefighters had to get out of the way. But within 45 minutes, the fire was under control.

"High-rise fires are a potential nightmare and this one went exactly as it should. Nobody hurt," said San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin.

The three-alarm fire broke out on the same day the chief announced her retirement. She says the fact that it started just after 5pm worked to their advantage.

Fire officials give update the moment after a high rise building fire was contained.

"Time of day, maybe there's not as many people home as there would be at night or early morning but still a challenge and they got on it right away and within 45 minutes we had it under control," said Hayes-White.

Five floors of the south tower are now gutted, but building residents are thankful everyone's safe.

"There are only two elevators, the building is 25 stories high and two small staircases," said Benson.

According to Supervisor Aaron Peskin, floors 3-8 and all floors above 21 have been repopulated. Floors 12 and 13 will not be repopulated before Tuesday. Floors 14-20 will be repopulated through the night.

Firefighters had to punch holes through walls, which exposed asbestos.

The San Francisco Fire Department says while no one suffered any physical injuries, nine people were treated for smoke inhalation and anxiety.

Crews expected to be on scene for hours. An evacuation center was set up in the Embarcadero Hyatt hotel. Residents from 30 units were displaced by the fire. The city is also opening up an emergency shelter with the Red Cross at the Salvation Army Chinatown Corps on Powell Street.

Residents unaffected by the fire may be allowed back into the building at midnight.