Owner of 'Flintstone House' to counter-sue town of Hillsborough

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Thursday, April 11, 2019
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The owner of the controversial "Flintstone House' in Hillsborough is countersuing the town.

HILLSBOROUGH, Calif. (KGO) -- The owner of the controversial "Flintstone House' in Hillsborough is counter-suing the town.

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The town first sued Florence Fang, calling her home a public nuisance.

She purchased the famed home, which can be seen from Interstate 280, back in 2017.

Fang has since added a herd of dinosaur sculptures and other landscaping structures to accommodate future parties.

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The suit alleges Fang's modifications are in violation of several municipal codes.

"Is it really about Dino, Fred, Wilma or Betty?" asked her attorney, Angela Alioto. "Or is it about treating Mrs. Fang differently because she has a dream, and she's Chinese, and because this is Hillsborough?"

The Flintstone House isn't Fang's primary residence, but she bought it as a party and event space.

Fang thanked those who have shown her support and she vows to continue to fight for the home.

Watch Thursday's press conference below: