Couple starts GoFundMe to help workers of restaurant damaged by gas explosion in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- While crews work through what's left of the charred dim sum restaurant Hong Kong Lounge II, the community has come together to help.

We all have a favorite restaurant-- for Sean Jacobus and Britney Ziegler that restaurant was the Hong Kong Lounge II and after the fire they decided to help. They consider the waiters and cooks to be like family.

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For the last 2 years, Jacobus and Ziegler have made the restaurant their second home

"We've probably spent the most time with them than with anyone else in San Francisco. They know our order by heart. We get three orders of dumplings and we start our meal."

At first, they said, the dim sum was their selling point but with time the staff and cooks became their friends

"They were really one of the first families that we experienced in San Francisco. We were new here. It's really busy with our work and the fact that they really opened their arms and they embraced us," said Jacobus.

This Saturday they had a reservation. Now abruptly cancelled by the gas line explosion that damaged multiple buildings and took PG&E almost two and half hours to shut off the gas.

"After we saw the news we decided to open up a GoFundMe and reached out to all our friends in San Francisco," said Ziegler.

So far the couple has raised over $2,000, their goal is to hopefully surpass the $10,000 mark.

"Oh goodness, we just want the doors to be open. We hope the best for them and we ask the community to support us and support them," said Ziegler.

The second building directly affected by the fire is the Huckleberry Youth Programs

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Doug Styles, the executive director of the Huckleberry Youth Programs, said, "There is water damage everywhere. All three floors and unusable"

In the last two days they have gotten calls from multiple businesses in the area ready to extend a helping hand.

"We have pier agencies in the community who have stepped up and said we have office space come and let us know," said Styles.

Jacobus and Ziegler say they are still planning to go to the Hong Kong Lounge II Saturday, but this time around to find the workers and give them the funds collected so far.

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