Demonstrators call for Israel-Hamas cease-fire outside Nancy Pelosi's SF home

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Tuesday, January 2, 2024
Demonstrators outside Pelosi's SF home call for cease-fire in Gaza
About 100 people gathered outside Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco home this New Year's Day, demanding a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- About 100 people gathered outside Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco home this New Year's Day, demanding a cease-fire in the war between Israel and Hamas and an end to US aid to Israel.

They started their protest before the sun rose and continued throughout the morning.

"We know that Congress is on recess and it's a great time to bring messages to representatives when they're at home," said organizer Cayden Mak.

Demonstrators marched around the neighborhood to get their voices heard.

VIDEO: Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters march in downtown SF, calling for end to Israel-Hamas war

Hundreds of protesters marched down Market Street, towards bustling Union Square, calling for an immediate end to the war between Israel and Hamas.

"We're asking for an end to funding for Israel's military machine and we'd like (Speaker Emerita Pelosi) to commit to really investing those billions of dollars here at home because people are hurting, people are sleeping out on the street here in San Francisco," said Mak.

"I agree that we need money spent at home, but it doesn't need to be taken from defending Israel," said Oakland resident Naomi Katz, who is involved with the local Jewish community. "I think that we are very invested in seeing Israel succeed, because, in fact, if you read the Hamas Charter, they are not going to stop with Israel. They are bent on destroying all of Western civilization and establishing an Arab, a Muslim Caliphate, and that's their goal. And so I think that the whole West really is at stake here."

Dr. Hedieh Matinrad took her four-month-old son to the demonstration.

"I'm here to tell Speaker Pelosi that she can turn a new leaf this year," Dr. Matinrad said. "It's January 1st. I'm here, my four-month-old's here. She can turn a new leaf."

VIDEO: Protesters who shut down Bay Bridge demanding for cease-fire in Gaza call on SF DA to drop charges

San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins announced Friday that 80 people are being charged for blocking traffic on the Bay Bridge.

She reiterated their call for a cease-fire.

"I'm 100 percent for a cease-fire the minute that Hamas surrenders," Katz said. "How come nobody is putting any onus on Hamas to surrender? I believe that as soon as Hamas surrenders, Israel will stop. There will be a cease-fire."

ABC7 reached out to Speaker Emerita Pelosi's office and has not heard back.

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