Approx. 80 arrested after curfew, George Floyd protest in San Francisco, officials say

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Monday, June 1, 2020
Approx. 80 arrested after curfew, George Floyd protest in San Francisco, officials say
In San Francisco Sunday night, approximately 80 arrests were made in the Market Street, the South-of-Market and Union Square areas for violations of the curfew order or for looting.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- In San Francisco Sunday night, approximately 80 arrests were made in the Market Street, the South-of-Market and Union Square areas for violations of the curfew order or for looting. Police seized a firearm and explosive as part of those arrests and were anticipating making more arrests throughout the night into Monday morning.

Also, San Francisco police said "multiple" suspects were arrested for staying past the 8 p.m. curfew time during a large protest at the Civic Center that, because of the curfew, eventually was deemed an "illegal assembly," and several people were arrested. That crowd had mostly dispersed by 9 p.m., police said.

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About 1,000 people marched through the streets of San Francisco, carrying signs and chanting "George Floyd," "Black Lives Matter" Sunday afternoon.

"We're here because George Floyd was murdered in cold blood," Aliasiah Allah said. "We are sick of the countless injustices on black and brown lives, mostly black lives.''

In a press release, San Francisco Police Chief William Scott said the demonstrations that took place in San Francisco were "overwhelmingly orderly and peaceful and SFPD officers were proud to help facilitate these in a way that protected the First Amendment rights and safety of all who took part."

VIDEO: Tense standoff between SF protesters and police

SKY7 was up above when a tense standoff between San Francisco protesters and police occurred during George Floyd march on Sunday.

Mayor Breed joined Mission District leaders Sunday afternoon to stand in solidarity for the African American community in a peaceful rally.

"Your words mean nothing if your actions are something else. Stop turning Black Lives Matter into a joke, because it's not. It's born out of pain, it's born out of disrespect and racism," Breed said.

However, in other parts of the Bay Area, looters and vandals were caught, forcing many other cities to declare curfews.

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Earlier, San Francisco Mayor London Breed reiterated the importance of following the curfew in San Francisco following vandalism and protests on Saturday night.

Breed said the curfew is "absolutely necessary for public safety."

Scott said the protest related to the death Floyd that swept through the streets of San Francisco Saturday afternoon started out peaceful, but as nightfall came, violence and crime began.

Scott recognized the purpose of the protest and said it was not something new.

"Too many African American men have been killed at the hands of law enforcement," he said. "This is not a new issue, this is not a new emotion."

The police chief said Sunday that 10 people were arrested on felony looting charges after Saturday's protest.

"30 businesses were looted or destroyed," said David Perry, from Union Square Business Improvement District.

VIDEO: "Parents, where are your kids?" SF Mayor imposes curfew, denounces weekend violence, looting

More protesters marched in San Francisco on Sunday in response to the death of George Floyd.

Most stores on Maiden Lane were hit, on Grant Street too. From Luxury brands to Aaron Wyse's hat shop on Geary.

"It's a very frustrating time, burning down our own house isn't helpful," said Wyse.

In light of the weekend protests, the State of California is sending an addition 200 officers to San Francisco, Scott said Sunday.

Several looters were caught on camera Saturday running in and out of stores on Market street. Police surrounded the area as looters broke into stores like Swarovski and shattered glass doors at the main entrance of Westfield Mall.

Other stores like CVS, and Walgreens along Market Street were also hit by looters. Those buildings were initially boarded up but that didn't stop people from looting.

During her Sunday press conference, Breed said people were deliberately starting fires and assaulting officers during the demonstrations.

"They thought this was a game, they thought this was funny," Breed said, referencing the perpetrators. "This is not funny."

VIDEO: Damage Sunday morning at Union Square in SF

About 25 to 30 stores were damaged, an official with the Union Square Business Improvement District said.

An estimated 25 to 30 stores in Union Square were broken into and looted Saturday night, according to Karin Flood, executive director of the Union Square Business Improvement District.

The damage is estimated to be in the millions, Flood said.

The organization is also assessing damage to the Westfield Center, possibly from a fire.

"San Francisco's Union Square has long been the celebratory heart of our city and also played witness to many historic moments and protests," Flood said in part in a statement to ABC7. "Last night's vandalism and looting has broken that heart. We were already on our knees but just beginning to get up from COVID. This has knocked us down again."

The mayor also said many kids were out on the streets of San Francisco during Saturday's demonstrations -- something that should not be happening, Breed said..

"Parents, where are your kids?" she asked.

Breed said San Franciscans should not be okay with what happened Saturday night -- the looting and property damage.

VIDEO: Looters hit stores in downtown SF

Video shows looting at stores in downtown San Francisco on Saturday night.

The mayor also addressed the heightened COVID-19 risk during the protests.

"Imagine how many more infections are going to occur because of these large gatherings," Breed said.

Saturday's march began around 12 p.m. at the UN Plaza before protesters made their way to City Hall

The group then marched down to the Embarcadero and turned up Harrison Street in what appeared to be an attempt to get onto the Bay Bridge. However, they were met by several San Francisco police officers who had blocked multiple on-ramps.

VIDEO: George Floyd protesters block off-ramp in San Francisco

Video from SKY7 shows demonstrators blocking an I-80 off-ramp at Harrison and 5th Street in San Francisco while protesting the death of George Floyd on Saturday afternoon.

Protesters walking down Market Street could be heard chanting, "Black lives matter"and "No justice, no peace, no racist police."

SKY7 captured the moment a George Floyd protester threw an object at a police cruiser. It broke the back window as the vehicle drove away from the protesters.

VIDEO: George Floyd protester throws object, breaks back window of SF police cruiser

SKY7 video shows a George Floyd protester in San Francisco throwing an object at a police cruiser, breaking the back window as it drove away from the demonstration.

Demonstrators moved to the Mission District where they bent a knee in front of the police station. Officers stood and watched.

The protesters made their way back to City Hall before vandalizing stores on Market Street.

VIDEO: Demonstrators march to SF City Hall to protest George Floyd death

Demonstrators marched to San Francisco's City Hall to protest the death of George Floyd.

This protest follows massive nationwide protests Friday night in response to Floyd's death, including in Oakland.

The protest Friday left significant damage in the streets of Oakland with many storefronts destroyed and windows shattered.

Floyd died Monday in Minneapolis.

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Video shows police officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd's neck until he became motionless.

The police officer was arrested Friday on murder and manslaughter charges in connection to Floyd's death.

Take a look at the latest stories and videos about the investigation into George Floyd's death in Minneapolis.

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