San Francisco Giants fans talk trash and gear up for postseason-deciding LA Dodgers series

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Sunday, October 2, 2016
San Francisco Giants fans get excited for a game against the Dodgers at AT&T Park on Friday, September 30, 2016.
San Francisco Giants fans get excited for a game against the Dodgers at AT&T Park on Friday, September 30, 2016.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- With a couple of wins this weekend, the Giants could make the playoffs. Baseball fans are firing up the grills and lining up at the ticket windows for the Giants' final series of the regular season.

Three games against the dreaded Los Angeles Dodgers will decide if the San Francisco Giants continue on to the postseason.

Hours before the game, the stadium workers were busy lining up to get into their positions.

This is not just a regular season-ender. It's the Dodgers in town and it has playoff implications.

"We're bringing our spring training crew, and we're still going to get you," said Dodgers fan Pedro Carrillo to Giants super-fan Louis Aljeo.

There's no crying in baseball, but trash talking? That's a pregame requirement when the Dodgers come to town.

"It's all on the line right now and I think all the hardcore Giants fans are going to be watching every single game," said Aljeo.

Carrillo added, "This one, do or die. Giants have to win. I love it. I like our odds."

These guys have backgrounds in politics. And our polling data suggests that after being well fed and enjoying a cold beverage, they'll agree to disagree.

On Thursday night, the Giants put the ball in Johnny Cueto's hands and got the win. Now, they hope to sail to victory on Madison Bumgarner's back.

"I say we got it," said Giants fan Phil Decoy. "They're not starting their starters. We got Bumgarner tonight, Orange Friday. We just got to go in there and get the wildcard."

Fellow fan Lyle Rapp also chimed in, "Put it on Madison's back. Put it on Cueto's back, whoever. Pence comes in and hits a bunch of home runs. That's what I'm feeling."

Winning two out of three against LA would put the Giants in a strong position for the second wildcard spot in the National League. A three game sweep would be an even better birthday present for Mike Agostini, who is enjoying his 50th birthday at the game.

"It is the Dodgers," said Agostini. "It makes it that much more sweet. They ain't gonna eliminate us."

Sometimes the reason you want to win isn't so noble. Sometimes you just want the bragging rights.

"I want to beat the Dodgers because my friend likes the Dodgers and I want to be able to tell her who the better team is," said Crystal Cartisano.

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