'The Golden Bachelor' ladies open up about life after the successful show

Dates, DMs and desire to find a connection. Gerry's ladies tell all to On The Red Carpet.

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Saturday, December 2, 2023
'The Golden Bachelor' ladies open up about post-show dating life
'The Golden Bachelor' ladies tell all about Gerry and Theresa, dating after reality TV and racy DMs!

LOS ANGELES -- It's been the story of the season. "The Golden Bachelor" captured the hearts of pop culture lovers everywhere. We all watched as Gerry Turner, the first Golden Bachelor, tried for his second chance at love. In Thursday's finale, Turner said a heartbreaking goodbye to Leslie and proposed to Theresa. The two will marry in a live special January 4 on ABC.

On The Red Carpet caught up with several of the ladies from Gerry's season after the finale wrapped.

"The ending, after getting over being upset for Leslie, those two are so happy! That was like a miracle," Susan recounted.

"They're both really lovely and genuine people and I think they really were made for each other and I think they're gonna be really happy," Ellen explained.

"I was really happy that "The Golden Bachelor" worked. Because it did seem that Gerry did find his mate and they did seem to be in love. So I was like, yes! That's one for our team," said April.

"We saw that Gerry and Theresa really do have a great connection and I just felt so bad for Leslie. But truly I think it brought closure, certainly for me and to all of us, that as it unfolded, we watched how they really did come together and I think we were all just really happy for them," said Nancy.

And as happy as they all are for Gerry and Theresa, they're also excited about getting another shot at love themselves.

"I think we all generated a huge amount of hope here and and we felt it amongst ourselves and, you know, and I think the nation kind of felt it too," noted Joan. "But, you know, hope has to also have action behind it because hope is not a strategy, it's just a feeling. So now... it's time to take action."

"I'm all set to start dating. I have three dates lined up as soon as the finale is over. I've got friends wanting friends, their grandfathers! So I'm really excited," Ellen revealed.

Faith said the show has helped her realize she needs to approach dating differently.

"I'm gonna date with intention and with getting to more intimacy early. I don't mean sexual intimacy. I mean talking about the important things and making that deep connection," she explained. "I honestly think that's what made me fall in love with Gerry is that we got right down to the nitty-gritty right away and we created an intimacy connection."

Apparently, some gentlemen are trying for a connection with the ladies via DM.

April admitted she's gotten a few "sugar daddy" messages, along with some farmers reaching out. "And then we got a lot of young men. And I don't know if they're looking for money or a mom. I mean I do have a son that's 37 years old so I don't need another son! But it's very flattering."

Susan exclaimed, "They told us our mailbox was gonna be full. I got three. I don't understand. And they were 14!"

Kathy added, "I got a 32-year-old who is younger than my youngest child and I said, 'Sweetie I have children older than you.' He said 'I like older women.' I said no. No!'"

Joan has a message for "The Golden Bachelor" producers. "So, all the other men who applied for The Bachelor, like where are they? Can we get that list? Because we're still looking, we're still out here, hello!!"

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