GGB closure disrupts couple's nuptials

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Friday, January 9, 2015
GGB closure disrupts couple's nuptials
One couple's wedding will be inconvenienced this weekend by the Golden Gate Bridge closure because their wedding is in San Francisco and their wedding night in Sausalito.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The Golden Gate Bridge is set to close this weekend and the closure couldn't come at a worse possible time for one couple.

The bridge district figures that with extra bus and ferry service, it can move some 28,000 people across the bay, this weekend.

Traffic is still going to be heavy for people on both sides of the bridge and this presents a perfect opportunity to stay home.

But what have no choice because it's the biggest event in your life?

Any weekend day, some 80,000 cars cross the Golden Gate Bridge, each with a story. Cara Nunley and Dan Birch are just one of them.

"This is a gathering of my family and friends, for a wedding," said Dan Birch. His wedding.

On Saturday, just one hitch the wedding is in San Francisco and their wedding night in Sausalito.

"It's really directly across the bridge, so it's only a couple a miles," Cara said.

The the installation of a movable median barrier is now wreaking havoc on their blissful union.

Dan's father, Tom Birch, is one of several North Bay wedding guests who have now booked hotel rooms in the city.

"The median they are putting in is worth the inconvenience," Birch said. "If it saves lives, I am all for it."

Consider the inconvenience, the couple will need to drive an hour or more out of their way, in traffic, on the biggest night of their lives.

Dan proposed to Cara last August, long before the district declared this closure. He asked the bride district if they could help him out.

"And they said I could walk," he said.

"And he tried to get me to walk in a wedding dress," Cara said.

The couple's story is not the only hard-luck story the bridge district has heard.

Priya Clemens is the district's primary public apologist for this weekend.

"Someone is trying to get to a marathon, a special dinner, they are pregnant,"Priya Clemens Golden Gate Bridge spokesperson said. "We tell them we are really sorry. We would love to help you out. It's emergency vehicles and Golden Gate Transit buses only this weekend."

And if you help one person, you have to help everyone, Clemens said.

No one said marriage was easy. The couple said if they can through this, they can get through anything.

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