Golden State Warriors, local advocates march for peace in Oakland

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Sunday, March 8, 2020
Warriors, local advocates march for peace in Oakland
On Friday, the Golden State Warriors, Giffords Law Center and local activists held events to promote the community violence intervention efforts in Oakland.

OAKLAND (KGO) -- Cheers for continued change and peace rang through the streets in the East Bay on Friday afternoon.

The Golden State Warriors, Giffords Law Center, city officials and civil rights activists participated in a peaceful march to build a better Oakland.

All looking for a way to stop the violence.

"I want to see that violence stop," March participant Candace Goldman said. "I want to see our community supported so that we don't see these kinds of issues and problems into the future. One life saved is one life saved."

Among the group, Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson walked alongside with former congresswoman and shooting survivor Gabrielle Giffords.

They marched in support of continued gun violence reduction in the city that has already led to annual shooting and homicide numbers in Oakland being cut in half since 2012 according to a report made by the Giffords Law Center.

"We believe that the story of what's happened and what's happening here in Oakland is a really important one to give people hope of what can be done." Giffords Law Center Executive Director Robyn Thomas said. "We want to show them what it takes to get that done with how law enforcement, the community and city officials all have to come together with the same purpose."

From the streets of Oakland, the activists ended up at the Allen Temple Baptist Church for a town hall featuring Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr.

Coach Kerr has been strong in the fight against gun violence after losing his father, Malcom Kerr, who was killed by gunmen in 1984.

Now he's looking for a better tomorrow.

"This is really about getting to the core of what's causing the violence and what is the violence about," Coach Kerr said. "We have to find out how can we reduce it by connecting with the people in the city."

The private conversation featuring Steph Curry and residents at the East Oakland Youth Development Center, the peace walk and town halls hope to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to peace and engagement with the community.