'Bachelorette' Hannah goes naked bungee jumping, Luke blows up

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019
'Bachelorette' goes naked bungee jumping, Luke blows up
ABC News has more on this week's episode of "The Bachelorette."

NEW YORK -- 1-on-1

Hannah took Garrett out for a one-on-one date to take a "leap" in Latvia. It was a naked bungee jumping date. They took the leap and said they felt closer after their experience. It doesn't get much closer than that! Boing!

At dinner, they talked about their experience bungee jumping and Garrett said that Hannah's emotional and physical vulnerability helped him feel more secure in their relationship. She agreed that she felt better once he committed to doing the experience as well. Hannah said that she used to be a real people pleaser but now she lives for herself. She has a real fear of rejection, but she's not letting it control her anymore. Garrett lamented about how he hated football, but then he found his way to golf and loving his life. Garrett sealed the deal by telling Hannah that he was falling for her "big time." She offered him the date rose and he accepted!

Group Date

The group date card read, "Mike, Jed, Tyler, Dustin, Luke, Tony, Connor, Dylan, Let's discover Riga." That meant Peter was getting the other one-on-one date. Luke went into the date in a funk because Hannah went naked bungee jumping with Garrett. It was not ok with him. They all tried some local delicacies and Tyler even bought her some flowers. They danced in the square and it was a lot of fun for all. Later, Hannah told the naked bungee jumping story and was very casual about it. Luke just still couldn't believe it was true. "Her body is her temple and to expose it to anyone who isn't her husband...it was a slap in my face," Luke said.

During the evening portion, Tyler was a master at stealing away Hannah for another great moment. He said that the vision of her wearing white at the last rose ceremony made her look like an angel and he prays that she's his angel. Aww! He added that he loves her tough side too, especially when she yelled at all the guys last week. She made out with him on the couch and it got intense! Jed sang her a song on the piano, which Hannah loved. Luke said that he wasn't comfortable with the nakedness to the other guys. Tyler said that Hannah is just living life to the fullest and he respected the fact that she just went for it. During her private talking time with Luke, he told her that he felt like she cheated on him. He told her "your body is a temple" and talked about her holding him "bare skin." Hannah said that it was her choice and it wasn't in a sexual way, it was just a fun experience. Luke said some junk about them "being able to get through anything" and "always supporting her." It was ridiculous. In the end, Hannah gave the date rose to Tyler. No surprise there!


At long last, we get to see how Peter is on a one-on-one! Hannah took him for a spa day. The couple who ran the spa sang an opening song that went on forever. They made their own concoction of herbs and spices and took them into a sauna. Peter said he wants a lifetime of adventures like this with Hannah. Inside the sauna, they got horizontal and really connected. Hannah said their physical connection is a 10 out of 10. Peter said that if things work out between them, they will 100 percent get a sauna at their place! Ha! Later, they took to a hot tub and he said that it hurt when he heard Hannah say she wasn't sure about the end result and if anyone was there for her when he is for sure. Hannah told him that she has no doubts about him but she just wants to get to know everything about him.

During dinner, Peter talked about his ex-girlfriend and said that it just wasn't meant to be. He said that it has been difficult to open up 100 percent because he's not allowed himself to open up since that last relationship. It was his biggest heartbreak that left him devastated. Peter revealed to Hannah that he's falling for her. Then he busted out a beautiful saying his grandmother and mother always told him and it just gripped Hannah's heart! She seems to be falling for him too. She offered him the date rose and he accepted. They ended their date with a fireworks display!

Jed Goes Rogue

Peter returned and told everyone about his spa date, but Jed went rogue and found Hannah's hotel. He serenaded her from the street with his guitar. Hannah invited him up into her room. He continued to play for her upstairs. I think I'd have a problem with his motives, especially after he revealed to her that he wanted to initially be on to further his career. This whole segment was a Jed concert. Then as they made out on the bed, Jed told Hannah he was falling for her.

Luke vs. Garrett

Garrett confronted Luke about what he said to Hannah about their naked bungee jumping. Garrett said that he was not disrespectful and he wants Luke to stay in his lane. Luke said he just wanted clarity. He said he's not saying what she can and can't do with her body. Luke asked Garrett not to bring it up at the rose ceremony, and Garrett said, "Why should I promise you anything?" It was tense!

Hannah Talks with Luke

Hannah pulled Luke from the group of guys at the hotel to talk to him about his feelings and how the things he said to her made her feel. She said that she appreciated the conversation and him being "real" but that the language he used didn't sit well with her. Him saying, "Slap in the face" and "mistakes" and "meeting his family." Hannah said that the bungee jumping wasn't sexual but even if it was at this point it doesn't matter. "It's my body," Hannah said. Luke tried to dig himself out of the hole by saying that he trusts her. He tried to say that he wasn't referring to the bungee jumping and kept twisting her words. It was so frustrating to watch!

Back in the guys' room, Luke told the guys that he didn't want to talk about his and Hannah's conversation. He tried to switch around what Garrett said to him the other day. Then he brought up everyone staying in their own lanes. Even Tyler, who never gets involved in drama, started to speak up. He called Luke out for acting like he was a "big dog" in charge. He told him that it's a double standard since Luke paraded around in a speedo and then he has a problem with her showing off her body with Garrett. Jed told Luke to stop yelling because he didn't want Hannah to hear them and mess up the cocktail party. Chris Harrison walked in and told them there would not be a cocktail party. The guys all blamed Luke. "Three in a row Luke, keep it up."

Rose Ceremony

Hannah gave roses to:

1) Garrett (1-on-1)

2) Tyler (Group Date)

3) Peter (1-on-1)

4) Jed

5) Mike

6) Connor

7) Luke "There goodness inside of you and I see that," Hannah said.

That meant Dylan and Dustin were eliminated. Both wished they had a one-on-one to show who they really are and Dustin is worried that Hannah is already in love with Luke. Chris even asked her, "What do you like about him?" She said, "I'm either falling in love with Luke or Luke is making me go crazy. I'm not sure which one."

Next week, Hannah and her final seven men head to The Netherlands. Luke explodes on the guys and Hannah is left crying again. We'll have to wait and see what she decides to do!