Holistic healing with The Harmonic Egg

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Monday, January 11, 2021
This healing studio offers alternative healing options!
The Healing Studio offers an alternative healing option with The Harmonic Egg - a pod that creates the perfect environment for deep relaxation and inner balance.

LOS ANGLELES -- The Healing Studio offers two unique and exclusive "energy" pods known as Harmonic Eggs to help people heal themselves holistically.

Owners Alex and Yvette Urbina say the idea to open the studio was divinely inspired through meditation after they saw an interview of the creator of the Harmonic Egg.

The Harmonic Eggs are wooden chambers that create the perfect environment for deep relaxation and promoting inner balance. The Egg uses sacred geometry, light, color, and sound frequencies (music) to empower the body's own healing energy.

"Everyone is a little out of balance," says Yvette. "So we should always check in and align ourselves. So this helps your cells rejuvenate, and just relax, and be able to kind of get you back into balance."

"We found out that when you restore your nervous system that resets your Chakras," Alex told Localish. "And that allows you to heal yourself."

The Healing Studio is taking precautions during the pandemic. Including a complete cleaning and disinfecting of the Egg and spacing appointments more than 90 minutes apart so there is no interactions with other guests.

The Healing Studio 27734 Avenue Scott #100 Santa Clarita, CA 91355 661-239-9200