Boy with cerebral palsy walks 500 miles during recess

A "never give up" attitude by a disabled 5th grader in Wyoming is resulting in a remarkable achievement.

Students at Sagebrush Elementary School formed an honor guard Wednesday as Nate Watson crossed the finish line.

Nate has cerebral palsy, and the celebration was for his walking his 500th mile during recess.

Doctors said Nate would be confined to a wheelchair by age 12, but he's proving them wrong.

"Every time he would do one lap at the beginning he would fall 10 times, and get back up, brush himself off and start again; never complained one time," Nate's former teacher Linda Gifford said.

Over the past seven years, Nate has walked around the playground at least 2,000 times, with four laps equaling one mile.

Doctors say the energy Nate expends walking is the same as most people would running.

School officials add Nate's drive is inspiring students and teachers.
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