Texas-style barbecue with a SoCal twist in San Juan Capistrano

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Texas-style barbecue with a SoCal twist
San Juan Capistrano based Heritage Barbecue combines the best of Texas and California smoked-style meats that are truly worth the wait

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif. -- Heading to Orange County for the latest barbecue joint? Then expect long, friendly lines waiting to greet you.

Lookout Texas. Heritage Barbecue rivals some of the best BBQ joints in the Lone Star State by creating its own unique, delicious taste is definitely worth the wait.

"I did expect to see a line. Yeah, absolutely," said Rey Bishop of Rancho Cucamonga.

"It's kind of like a giant party as you're waiting for your food to come out," said Nick Echaore, executive chef at Heritage Barbecue.

Remember The Alamo, correction, remember Mission San Juan Capistrano because Heritage Barbecue is conveniently located across the street.

"San Juan is really big equestrian town. It's still got that small-town feel, which kind of reminds us of some smaller, little towns in Texas," said chef and owner of Heritage Barbecue, Daniel Castillo.

After perfecting their Texas-style barbecue, Castillo and Echaore are evolving their menu to a more Central Coast, Santa Maria-style taste.

And like any BBQ joint, you always rate the restaurant by the taste of brisket.

"The only other place I've had like real, legit Texas barbecue is Austin, Texas. And I think this beats it," said Jessica Custodio of Chicago.

"I actually went to school out in East Texas. So, I've actually had barbecue from West Texas, East Texas, and South Texas. But this barbecue is a winner for sure," said Holly Hitzeman of Chino Hills.

Go big or go home because the big flavors come in Texas-style portions.

"I've never had a barbecue experience where I was that what it looks like on TV or what looks on the internet. This is literally the first time, like, ah that's what people mean when they see barbecue," said Suresh Chekuri of Orange.

"We really just try to bring out all of our heritages into what we're doing here," said Castillo.

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