The one-stop shop where Hollywood gets its vehicles

ByKarl Schmid OTRC logo
Monday, February 24, 2020
Hollywood's go-to for vehicles
On The Red Carpet's Karl Schmid checks out Cinema Vehicles, Hollywood's go-to for on screen vehicles.

LOS ANGELES -- Ever wonder where Hollywood manages to find all those vintage cars for films like "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" or "The Hunger Games"?

Local Los Angeles business Cinema Vehicles has been the largest supplier of vehicles to films, television and commercials in the country for over 40 years. Cinema Vehicles has worked with clients such as Disney and Marvel, providing custom car rentals and specialty-built vehicles.

From famous picture car builds like "Eleanor" in Gone in 60 Seconds, to the armored troop carriers in "The Hunger Games", the hero cars in "Ant Man", "Sons of Anarchy", and many of your favorite TV series, Cinema Vehicles has been Hollywoood's most trusted automotive supplier and custom fabricator in the entertainment industry.

Established in 1975 by picture car revolutionary Ray Claridge, family-run Cinema Vehicles opened in Van Nuys and within two years was working with some of the most acclaimed production teams in Hollywood. By the 80s they'd outgrown their location and relocated to North Hollywood, where, to this day, Cinema Vehicles is the only full-service picture car company in operation.