How to repurpose your old smartphone for home security

Do you have an old smartphone sitting in a drawer somewhere? You might want to consider repurposing that device, rather than recycling it. 7 On Your Side finds out how and why.

All these old phones have good cameras, so why not use that feature to make your family safer? And the cost is free.

Gene Wang of People Power is sitting in his kitchen telling us about his brand new Samsung smartphone which he just got last week. He said, "Now what do I do with my old iPhone, I could trade it in or get pennies on the dollar, or I could re-purpose into a security camera and check in on the people and things I love most."

Wang's company, People Power, has an app called "Presence" that turns an old smartphone into a functioning security camera.

Once the old phone is linked through the app, it can be used to watch over your home and will even automatically alert you to any movement. Activity is captured on video, and you are sent and alert.

Finney: "Have you stopped any crimes?"
Wang: "We have, yes! We just stopped a crime where in fact somebody set up an iPad to watch their cats and it turned out they had a chance to watch an armed robber come into their house and steal a Macintosh."

The app is free, but an upgrade and additional purchases allows you to control the camera, turn lights on and monitor your home's electrical use.

Do it yourself home security is pretty big with in 'the internet of things' community. Other companies are also repurposing smart phones. One is 'manything' another Salient Eye.
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