Formerly homeless man installs hand washing stations to help others

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Thursday, April 16, 2020
formerly homeless man from atlanta installs hand washing stations to stop the spread of covid-19
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A formerly homeless man installs handwashing stations to help others.

New York, NY. -- The spread of COVID-19 has caused people around the world to stay home. But about those who don't have a home? An organization called Love Beyond Walls in Atlanta is doing what they can to help people struggling with homelessness flatten the curve.

The economic disruption caused by COVID-19 has also resulted in a crisis of food insecurity. This is how Feeding America in Chicago is doing its best to meet the growing demand.

You can tell a lot about a society by how they treat their most vulnerable and this next story is no exception. A boutique hotel called the Jupiter Hotel in Portland Oregon has been converted to house sick homeless residents during the COVID-19 quarantine.

The COVID-19 crisis has left institutions like soup kitchens overrun with an influx of new hungry visitors leaving many to overhaul their processes and redefine what it means to feed the hungry. Toni's Kitchen in New Jersey is no exception. This is how they're facing the new and unique challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic.