Know your 49ers: Who are the 'Hot Boyzz' and why there is a dispute with Dallas Cowboys?

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Sunday, January 26, 2020
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The San Francisco 49ers are facing off against the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV! Here's what you need to know.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Football teams often get nicknames when they are successful and often it's because of the defense. The great Pittsburgh Steelers teams had the "Steel Curtain," the Chicago Bears are frequently called the "Monsters of the Midway," the Minnesota Vikings were called the "Purple People Eaters," and the Miami Dolphins team that went 17-0 might have had one of more unique nicknames, the "No-Name Defense."

In 2020 the 49ers have the "Hot Boyzz."

So where did this name come from? It dates back to the late 1990s and the rap group Hot Boys which featured Lil Wayne.

Linebacker Kwon Alexander is the creative force behind it and uses the phrase "the block is hot" to pair with the nickname. That's another nod to Lil Wayne, the song "Tha Block is Hot" appears on his 1999 solo album.

Alexander even went as far as to introduce himself as a graduate of "Hot Boyzz University" during the 49ers playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings. Alexander actually went to Louisiana State University.

Lil Wayne is a New Orleans native which would explain Alexander's affinity for the rapper.

This is where things start to get complicated.

Alexander has decided to trademark the phrases "Hot Boyzz" and "Hot Boyzz University" and there shirts with there is merchandise with the slogans but he might be late to the game.

The Dallas Cowboys defense has used the nickname "Hot Boyz" as well except yes, there is only one "z" in it.

Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Lawrence was quick to respond to Alexander's move to trademark term, saying they already own it and the 49ers are "imposters."

Stay tuned to see how this plays out not on the field but potentially in the court of law.