Postman uses trash and old items to create unique folk art exhibit in East End

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Thursday, September 17, 2020
Postman's passion for oranges kick starts East End folk art
A postal worker's passion for a piece of fruit inspired him to build The Orange Show🍊.

HOUSTON, Texas -- Back in 1956, postman Jeff McKissack started to create The Orange Show in Houston, Texas.

The idea behind the project was to honor his favorite fruit - the orange! He believed the magical citrus promoted longevity.

For more than 20 years, McKissack would search around the Houston area for anything to use in his project including tiles, old wagon wheels, tossed building materials from construction sites, metal fencing, and items collected from antique shops.

He used anything and everything to convert a piece of property across the street from his home, into a historical piece of folk art that's well known to Houstonians today.

The Orange Show's structure is starting to feel the effects of extreme weather conditions in Houston, so they're hoping people can contribute to help preserve the property for future generations to enjoy.