Bay Area gas prices range from $4 to $6 a gallon depending on station

CONCORD, Calif. (KGO) -- The average price for gas in the Bay Area is almost at $5 a gallon. The ongoing war in Ukraine is causing prices at the pump to rise at fast rates.

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"Full tank down, you come back up and you fill up tomorrow," said Sherm, a Sacramento man who commutes to the East Bay. "That is about $400 to $435 a week. Keep adding that up, that is around $1,800 a month."

Prices range anywhere from $4 to $6 a gallon depending on the station. It has some circling neighborhoods just to find the cheaper option.

"It was $3 two years ago, then it got normal and now it is around $5 or $6?" said Dominic Gentry, who just spent $111 to fill his company truck. "It is really at alarming levels."

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Gov. Gavin Newsom recently proposed halting the state's gas tax to help lower costs. Democrats in California, however, are opposed to that idea. But as prices rise, budgets of many are getting tighter.

"I can feed people with that money," said Sherm. "I can donate to people who need housing. Not right now with these prices. I can afford it now, but if it keeps going up that is a problem. I don't see the point in giving oil companies money when they already have some."

The difficult part for many is knowing they cannot do much to change it.

"It is gas, you got to fill it up," said Shane Van Winkle, who filled his car up in Orinda. "Near my house it is near $5 and it has never been like that before. It is a lot."

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