Ice cream shop keeps the jams playing through tough times

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Monday, January 4, 2021
Ice cream shop keeps the jams playing through tough times
Despite hard times, ice cream shop Jamz Creamery keeps the music playing during the pandemic.

As a young man, Jay Allen worked on an ice cream truck. Now he owns his own ice cream shop, Jamz Creamery.

"We've got a signature item we call the Jazz," Allen said. "It's an ice cream and cake sandwich. It's kind of build your own. You choose the cake, you choose the ice cream, you choose the topping."

Along with their signature Jazz ice cream sandwich, the Inglewood, CA shop is also known for their jams. If you walk into Jamz Creamery, you'll notice the latest music and music videos playing on their TV screens.

"We play all of the current music all day long and we have the videos to go along with it," Allen said.

Despite the upbeat atmosphere inside the shop, Allen said managing the coronavirus pandemic has been tough.

"No one's really out saying I want to go get ice cream," Allen said. "Most people are inside."

He said having to rely on delivery apps during this time also comes with its own challenges.

"They take a huge percentage from our overall price," Allen said. "But again, selling something beats not selling anything at all."

Allen said that while it's been difficult for the business, he appreciates the continued support from the community.

"If we don't help one another we won't have community," said customer Jumond Norman. "It'll just be brick and mortar franchises. It won't be no mom and pop vibes."